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Top 10 Retail Automation Solution Companies In Europe 2022

The retail industry has seen a massive shift in its base of operations in recent times. Thanks to automation. As a result, data in the retail industry is increasing exponentially in terms of volume, variety, velocity – and, more importantly – value with every passing year. Today, smart retailers are increasingly aware of how every interaction between the business and customers holds the potential to increase customer loyalty and drive additional customer revenue. Retailers that adopt AI sooner will gain a competitive advantage. Deep learning allows retailers to streamline processes and automate customer experience in a way hitherto unknown.

Furthermore, AI bots are becoming one of the most valuable branded AI solutions in the retail sector. It is powerful enough to check if items are in-stock and monitor customers’ thoughts or feelings in real-time. Hence, AI bots have an enormous impact in all areas involving communication with humans. It is undeniable that with such a plethora of AI-based solutions, the entire inventory and operations management cycle of retail stores is reshaping, thereby providing a renewed shopping experience.

Amid these developments in the retail sector, this edition of Retail Tech Insights features some of the most promising organizations making great strides in the retail landscape, along with thought leadership from subject matter experts with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships and exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. The enlisted organizations are transforming retail operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies, and we hope the state-of-the-art solutions offered by the featured companies as well as valuable CXO standpoints and insights on AI technology from industry thought leaders help you get a better picture of where the retail landscape is currently headed.

We present to you Retail Tech Insights’ “Top 10 Retail Automation Solutions Providers in Europe - 2022.”

    Top Retail Automation Solution Companies In Europe

  • Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, specializing in designing and producing barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement & safety, RFID, laser marking systems. Its cutting-edge solutions help increase the efficiency and quality of processes in the retail industry. With products used in most supermarkets, postal services, and in the largest factories worldwide, Datalogic promises its customers a holistic offering that covers all the current market needs

  • Understanding the market needs of today and anticipating those of tomorrow, Diebold Nixdorf helps retailers to achieve their business objectives. To enhance the interaction between the consumers and retailers, the firm developed industry-best interactive kiosk duo, K-one and K-two, which function as self-service tools. Within a short span of time, they have emerged as an integral part of places with high footfalls, primarily at retail outlets. K-one and K-two are designed for today’s busy consumers with an attractive and intuitive design to attract users and deliver on their expectations. Built for 24/7 operation, K-one and K-two offer flexible configuration options, making them the perfect kiosks for businesses that require tailored solutions.

  • Filuet provides technology and BPO solutions to multinational corporations solving business problems through technology and process innovation

  • GetYourBill provides innovative e-invoice generation and management solutions. Founded in 2015, it grew quickly over the past couple of years and today serves over twelve thousand shops across Italy.

  • Pricer develops and manufactures reliable digital store communication systems with electronic shelf labels (ESL). A catalyst for retail digitization, Pricer’s system provides a stable platform for reaching out with messages, product information, and offers. Pricer helps customers blur the boundaries between different sales channels in an increasingly digitalized and connected world by developing technical solutions and services that are easy to implement, apply, and use

  • aifora


    aifora enables retailers, regardless of their size, business model or industry, to optimize prices and inventories across channels and to automate the underlying processes. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the demand per article, location and channel is forecast on the aifora platform in order to make optimal merchandising decisions. As a result, this leads to significantly higher efficiency and profitability. Their cloud-based SaaS solutions are quick and easy to integrate, individually configurable and therefore pay for themselves within a very short time.

  • HESS Cash Systems

    HESS Cash Systems

    As a market leader in cash-handling system solutions for banks, public institutions, energy providers, libraries and retail enterprises, HESS are the premium partner, from the consulting stage through to development, production and all the way to after-sales service. At HESS, they know that everything that drives and shapes them as a modern, medium-sized company is deeply rooted in their history. It is from this history that the company continues to develop the expertise and bring their customers added value. Their strategy of continuous further development enabled them to gain a clear lead in the relevant core technologies of coin handling and sensor systems compared with other market players. 

  • Instant Systems

    Instant Systems

    Almost 15 years ago, Instant Systems understood the importance of linking together hardware and software and to remotely manage them through the internet. The result is a back-end platform that allows the remote management of uncounted units throughout the world. Next to its back office solution they developed many customer facing applications along with payment integration that have performed 10s of Millions of transactions. Throughout the years they have gathered unique expertise, creating an invaluable hardware and software platform. They aim to provide efficient technical solutions to their customers.

  • Softec


    softec designed a new Human Centered Retail Physical Experience through Retail Marketing, CX, Service Design and intelligent, scalable and measurable technological solutions, which support retailers and B2B2C companies in evolving the business from a Retail and Industry 4.0 perspective. Their Consulting team works alongside the customer and guides them in the Digital Innovation roadmap , through a series of disciplines and highly specialized professionals in the field of Digital Business, Customer Experience and Retail Marketing. They are a listed company on the Euronext Growth Milan market, a strategic and technological partner of Italian and international companies for 20 years in their Digital Transformation path.

  • Tiliter


    Tiliter began the journey to create cutting-edge computer vision software, breaking new ground in retail product identification and enabling supermarkets to transform the shopping experience. Today it's the company’s vision to be the go-to global brand for AI based visual recognition in retail. To set new standards for scanning non-barcoded items and automation and detection processes across retail stores. And to drive innovation through technology. From improving the self-checkout experience for shoppers, to enhancing productivity for forward-thinking businesses, they are proud to showcase the very best of Australian innovation.

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